Widows Sons Masonic Riders Association (WSMRA) is the largest Masonic organization of Freemason motorcycle riders worldwide. WSMRA is for Fraternal Master Masons; founded on the premise to aid and assist our widows and orphans…bring Masonic awareness to our communities…introduce Freemasonry to the world of motorcycles and the world of motorcycles to Freemasonry. Widows Sons is non-territorial and a neutral riding association. We promote Riding and Fellowship within the communities. Widows Sons is a 501 (c) Not-For-Profit organization.

The first chapter of WSMRA was founded in 1998 in the State of Illinois. In the same year, a few months later, the second chapter of Widows Sons was formed in the Netherlands, making Widows Sons an international organization. 1999-2000, Connecticut and Florida formed chapters a couple weeks apart. At this time, many new potential members who were waiting to start chapters began discussions about the Widows Sons (both in the United States and abroad). The first four chapters that were formed are still standing today. Since then, Widows Sons are represented across the globe on 4 continents…in over 20 countries. In the U.S., Widows Sons are represented in 40 States. That’s today. Charters and Chapters are currently underway across the US and globe for further expansion and growth.

The Grand Chapter of Washington State Widows Sons was chartered in 2008. Widows Sons of Washington State were given full recognition as the approved Masonic Motorcycle organization by the Most Worshipful Grand Lodge of Washington in June of 2012 and by The Most Worshipful Prince Hall Grand Lodge of Washington and Jurisdiction in 2013.

WSMRA-Ritual Riders Gig Harbor, WA Chapter was formed in 2010; WSMRA-Ritual Riders Edmonds, WA Chapter was Chartered in 2013. January 2016 marked the official expansion and representation of Widows Sons in Eastern Washington with the chartering of WSMRA-Ritual Riders Spokane and WSMRA-Ritual Riders Tri-Cities chapters. The Widow Sons of Washington continue to draw interest in both representative and unrepresentative areas of the State with additional chapter inquiries being considered. Widows Sons of Washington State have become a fixture in our communities and accepted among our peers in the motorcycle community.


Members are reminded to continue their Masonic education and to be active in Blue Lodges by taking part in the activities, committees, and/or running the line. As a Brothers’ knowledge increases, so does his ability to impart that knowledge and assists him by being a better mentor to new members.

One of the responsibilities as a member of Freemasonry, in addition to one of the primary responsibilities of Widows Sons…is to help the widows and orphans of Masons. WSMRA philanthropy and civic involvement, however, extends beyond the Masonic circle through continued efforts of good will and positive representation in the local communities in general that the chapters serve.

Widows Sons of WA also supports our youth groups by attending meetings and assisting at fundraising events and outreach programs. In 2014, one of the Job’s Daughter Bethels reached out to the Widows Sons for assistance with a fundraising ride around the Hood Canal. The Bethel had a great idea, but needed assistance with how to pull it together, make it happen, and insure all that attended were safe from start to finish. This is now an annual event for the Bethel that the Washington State Widows Sons look forward to assisting with each year.


Some of the other events Washington State Widows Sons Chapters are part of (and/or sponsor) year round, are: the Unforgotten Soldiers Ride…Fallen Officers Ride…various Fourth of July Parades…Tenino Lewis and Clark Days’ Parade…Port Orchard Day’s Parade…Jerry Lingle Memorial Ride…annual Oyster Run….Auburn Veterans Day Parade…annual Olympia Toy Run. These are just a few activities the Washington State Widows Sons participate in throughout the year. As Widows Sons is more recognized statewide, while dispensing Masonic Light from the saddle of our motorcycles, additional opportunities and invitations for participation continue to present themselves. July 2016, Widows Sons of Washington State Hosts (for the first time) the annual West Coast Gathering of Widows Sons!

Whether our Most Worshipful Grand Master of the Most Worshipful Masonic Grand Lodge of Washington is charging us all to “Learn and Change,” or reminding us of “Masonry Every Day and in Every Way”…it is indeed an honor to wear a Widows Sons vest and represent Masonry in the public eye on a motorcycle.